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« An invitation to dream »


Born in West Germany and living in Washington D.C. and Paris for the last 30 years, I've explored and marvelled at the creative diversity of the world, discovering our common language beyond language: ART.


Art is complete freedom. My subjects emerge with life everyday. I choose them, they choose me. I can be a poet , a magician, a philosopher, try to change the world or merely be a joyful player. I navigate on a sea of beauty or unfold the dark side of human existence. Where else could I live all this. 


Showing in France, the US. and Germany, my work tells the tale of our time, its bizarre societal beliefs, political traumas, nature's haunting yet soothing magic and the infinite shades of the feminine condition. It is an invitation to rebel, feel and dream, beyond the realm of human consciousness. 

Photo: Anna Marchlewska

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